Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mutual Inhabitants

Winter bids its minor birds
To sing at my window

Their stilted song
Cuts through the pane

Grateful for my unruly
Thatch of vines

We turn against the cold
Braced in our solace

Mutual inhabitants of a
Poorly constructed life

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tribal Thunder

Travails outlast the frosty dawn
Infused with cold your heart beats on
Through retched ice and snow
On raged feet you feebly go

Hold true! Go fast! Look not back!
The spirits lift your eyes, down cast

Return a while, in stillness lay
You hold within your hearts convey
A store of wonder, knowledge true
Deny it not, somehow, you knew

Hold true! Go fast! Look not back!
The spirits lift your eyes, down cast

Your journey long, a past you shed
Far more in wonder looms ahead
Unleash your soul to wander on
Study not how things have gone

Arch high thy spirit to the sky
Shed mind and body, alight and fly
The beating chant, allures your soul
A tribal thunder your ears console

Pull back no more, go on, live pure
Ahead the sky breaks dawn azure
You can't imagine what will be
At peace to stride the grassy sea

Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Summer Breeze

courtesy photo; Salento's Light

You are my Summer breeze
Whispering down
Into my thoughts

Softly caressing my stoic face
Chasing my emotions,
My troubles my pains, away

Departing the brutal air
Flicking playfully with my shirt
Nudging me softly on

Tenderly lifting me
To dance away
Cooley, embracingly light

So slightly you breeze through
My Summer night
Leaving me calm and rested

Monday, October 20, 2014

She Wore a Big Pistola
and hardly shirked a chore
but once we tried her cooking
t'was none went back fer more

Her answers mean as horse whips,
when talk was loud and raucous,
and the bottle passing round...
No man she could not out cuss.

She Wore a Big Pistola,
her aim was always true.
No critter suffered by her,
it's head be shot clean through.

Her station to all was common,
rough as a curly haired mule.
But when we finally laid her deep,
seems Julius had been a Jewel.

Oooh my!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Take Me There!

Take Me There!

Are there cool mountain streams
That only you know?
Take me there!

Do the colors in your mind
Release the sensations of hot and cold together?
Take me there!

Is the road you seek
Full of pleasurable curves and bumps?
Take me there!

Will you lick the blade
Searching out all the juices?
Take me there!

Is there a point where your heat
Is almost scalding?
Take me there!

When reaching the summit
Is it about conquest?
Or, how you take me there too?

Inspired by the photographic work, here, and with the permission of  Jeff Dotson

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

You of Golden Minds

Hasten down, all you of golden minds
Young or worldly, true and comely chaste
Brightly rise, swiftly step and hasten hence.

Prick up your spirits, leave your dullness behind
Out of the brightly lit, merry fete of Spring,
Cast off all that hinders your supplicant will.

Twirl and lively dance to sing and shout,
Mid wine inspired jubilation of festival.
Chirp the bird, cry the wolf and hoo the owl.

For upon the humbled visage of my soul,
Do invite all who wish to see and speak the voice,
For she is here, to hold our hearts and cheer thy soul.

Greet Summer's dawn and Winter's gone,
A hearty price was paid, anon call in the glade,
Now roar and sleep no more, till Winter's door,
We curse once more.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Laws of Attraction

Can the energy of a star
not have need of a moon?
Hold me in your orbit
So I can be your satellite.

Light me with your star shine
When the blackest coldest space
Would wreck my dreary course
Hold me in your laws of attraction.

Eclipse me in your heavenly face
Spin me round your distant body
Hold me in a planetary ballet
Twirling, dancing, shining, endlessly

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Be, in my Heart

Be, the repetition of my heart
Beating like the pendulum of the universe
Deep and secretive
Wide with cool pond scents

Be, the repetition in my heart
To echo into all the emptiness
Like a sweet soft chiming bell
Deeply, clear softly ringing

Again, again and again....

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Never be my Sin

Never pine for my smile
It's there in your dreams

Never sing out my name
I hear it in your pulse

Never ask for my touch
You're holding me now

Never cry at my words
Till we breath them together

Never wait for my kiss
You've stolen it yesterday

Never wait by your door
I'm already there

Never ask for my heart
You own it right now

Never be my Sin

When you're my Salvation

Monday, May 12, 2014

A Gentle Rain

Can a single tear
the pain of which
A gentle rain define?

Will light and sound
refrain for those
who wait for sun to shine?

Once slowly spilled
of misty eye
and hearts as good as thine,

Come older days
when drops do fall
we'll shelter, yours and mine