Thursday, March 28, 2013

Time: Broken (continued from “Nobody Home”)

(continued from “Nobody Home”)

Okay Anthony, I'm back messaging again! We're definitely dealing with a serious mess. Low charge on my phone so this may end shortly, dunno... Remember the electricity from a potato trick? I managed with six good sized ones and some copper wires and zinc plated nails to trickle onto this thing so I think this will be my best hope for fixing things here and getting back. God I hope we can do it!
I've had some time to consider the mess I'm in...all of us I guess. What ever is going on here I don't know, but things are freak'n slowed way down somehow. Even the light seems less brilliant and when I cranked up a Victrola, the speed was waaaay slow. So, if I get the Centrifuge to reset, I think I can jump ahead and get things right. Nut'n to loose, right? Well this is the deal...everyone in the past is dead right? That seems logical, and no matter where I go it's like a constant, not even a bug, so I am looking at a loop in the light from a spot in time. I can move around in it and I can touch stuff, but what ever I do may mess with all of us in the future....I can jump from one point to another but it's always just like a picture. So if I break something or try to hide the gun Booth used to kill Lincoln, I will make things in the future shift a little, or even a lot. I wonder if I may already have had a big shift in what we were all doing before I began pulling pages from that sears catalog in the outhouse. Maybe the County Judge would have bought his kid the bicycle on those pages, and he won't break his neck, instead he'll go fight in Europe, and end up killing Einstein's dad or something...RIGHT? Well just imagine if the Germans ended up with the 'bomb' and well, the good ole USA is a giant wasteland now? Crap! Heavy I know...but that's why I got to jump ahead and fix the stuff I messed with, even if it only works one more time...right?
Anthony, I removed some papers from that outhouse, for a souvenir, and...when I left there, stuff had already changed. Like that! I mean there was sidewalks when I got here and now there is just a dirt path, so crap, I really did stink up the place!
When you get this, your day should be just like it would have been. The control panel is working, got into it and made an override and it will send me one day earlier. I think that's best so I don't tax the power supply making a long some to get back....well the thing is I could reappear right where someone left a wagon or whatever just so you know. That could just make things even worse, jeez, what a mess. As best I can tell, I should pop right back into that open spot you had picked. I hope the chamber doesn't get damaged...anyway if you have to come after me, that's where I'll be.

So that's it for now, wish me luck, and if it's not possible...well I'll understand. I will just wait and keep out of trouble, but if it doesn't work out, I think I will need to disappear. Sorta like you said, “If you aren't part of the solution just get out of the way and let the future do it's thing...right?” So, here's to us and man I hope we can pull this off...cuz this place will really get you messed up fast! Heck on your end I probably sound like I'm inhaling helium when I talk, ha ha, hysterical eh?
Well, it's been cool, and scary, so ok. I'm signing off, man, bye for now. Oh yeah, don’t let my kid think I was a total screw up, I'm going to fix this time thing, man, after all I broke it.

Now if I could just get that slo-mo version of “Yellow Rose of Texas” out of my head...….click.

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