Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Death's Transfiguration

Centuries lain in twilight satin
Soon the dawn shall bring repose
Casting forth a life now laden
Drowning with his sin of woes.

Hers was oft the voice of laughter
Hands so soft, and love devout
Shining bright the two inciser
Wounds upon her lilting throat.

His was drawn in to her shadow
Hovered with her every motion
So consumed, his joy did canto
Ceased her hearts demure devotion.

Never glancing, ever seeing
Eyes of dark, unholy grace
Pulse of cold, her crimson streaming
Comingles with his earthly trace.

Aimlessly his vast despair
Cursed in every breath he breathes
Life defying, past revolting
Daylight shafts at last shall tear.

Finally her eyes reopen
Like chrysalis in warming air
Celebrates how love shall render
As butterflies, to kill despair.