Monday, April 29, 2013

Killing Time (the story of Time Punking)

So, Anthony, I'm sitting here by the centrifuge, getting dark, finally. I'm preparing to jump ahead, so you know. Trying to stay awake, not mess up. I think night is best for what we're doing. Less likely to interfere with things and darkness provides cover. (as if anyone would actually be here to notice) Yeah, killing time, Ha ha, that's a good one, get it? Hey, if you get a chance, send something to eat, from the future. Ya know, cause I don't think I should...well you know, mess with the place any more than, well maybe it wouldn't matter since I'm doing the forward leap, but, who knows? OK back in a bit.

Hey, Anthony, me again. So I'm posting notes to my blog, in case this doesn't ever get heard. (probably look like a crackpot prank, ha ha) Yeah, so time is radically slower, but I am finding that stuff is strange to the touch too. Sort of soft, yeah, and cool to hold, that's weird. Anyway, I hope the next hop will answer a bunch of questions. I wonder if I left a body back there, will I also leave one here? I suppose I must be gone altogether because even my clothes are here, everything inside the centrifuge is here. So a guy could bring a virus from the future and really mess up a lot of peoples lives to come. Man, this stuff is pretty scary when you think about it. Just sitting here feels like pulling on this loose thread of some sweater and it's like unraveling the whole fabric of time. Now that IS heavy. Also, if everybody is static energy, and I'm from the future, will people in the past see a shadow on the wall, just for an instant, when I pass the place where they are standing, right now? Because I think the strangest thing about this place is not that no one else is here, but what is freakier than the thought of Stephen King on crack, is...that I feel like I am being watched, and it's freaking me a little. Wow, back later.

Well, I got things set for twenty four hours ahead. I am turning off the cell, just in case, what with the energy surges, a risk to avoid. Right...just a little nervous...trying to remember everything. Right... it's all here goes...wish me luck.

Whoa, what a blast! Anthony, I made the jump ahead! Hey, so I am pretty dizzy now. I am going to check out the situation and get right back, hold the phone.

Oh man, Anthony! I think we are back in action, I went around to the places by the old Court House and things seem to be right like they were to begin with, know? Okaaay, I have to return I will need to reprogram the settings, talk soon.

Alllrighty then, I just have to wait for the flywheels to generate enough inertia to make the next hop back to the present time. Sooo, just sitt'n in the past and enjoying the privacy, indeed. Feel'n pretty jazzed about this time travel thing. Sort of a pioneer, like walking on the Moon...well not as cool as that, but we are making History Anthony, you and me...and just...CRAP! Anthony, I am sitting here looking up at the stars, and this big bird thing flies right over me! That is very very strange, man that can't happen.

Hello?... This is Anthony...who's this? Is this Jake, are you punk'n me?

Anthony, hold on! It's me, calling from the lab. (Well sort of) Did you get my messages?

Well...? Whoever this, I am going back to bed...Good-bye!

Anthony, don't hang up, there's someone here! I can see him now, he's just standing there, looking right at me. Anthony, Antho... I see...his face, it's...ME!

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