Sunday, June 23, 2013

Moon Song

  Visualize light containing sound
   Such that the shimmering ripples on the midnight pond
Chuckles to the nighthawk and gossips with the owl
About our evenings on the shore

Imagine that fire flies are glorified beacons
Consummate mating rituals of iridescent flight 
Sung to the tune of 'Come on baby, Light my fire'
For our psychic eyes and prescient ears

Suppose that in the darkest night
Our love song can light up the nocturnal sky like an aurora
So thus, while the Moon rises
We hear a jubilant chorus of scintillating blue tones

Listen, on the darkest night to the smallest stars
Harmonizing with our Moon Song chorus
Bouncing back at the speed of love
To all the Universe, the vibrant song of our love light

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