Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Your Seamless Love

I should have written of you
And of your fair voice
When we were younger
We were so much in love
Many long days together
We would lay, and play
In the warmth of
Your seamless love

You taught me to draw
I made pictures of you
You said they were good
You taught me to write
My stories made you laugh
I was encouraged
You said I should go on, but
I know, you wanted me to stay

Consumed by the big world
I wrote and drew many things
Others filled my pages
I sang for them, of them
Their faces fill my memories
My stories were of them
Enchantment was my addiction
Beauty, my opium

Now, the flowers you planted bloom
I no longer draw your face
Younger women fill my pages
Their sweet voices sing my songs
I wallow in their praises
Swagger at their side
Though you never envied
My time away

I now return to your loving arms
Touch your gentle hand
Once again to write
Of your Seamless Love
This Mother's Day

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