Sunday, September 15, 2013

Popping Down, Time Punking

Dear Anthony, this is goodbye!

I am writing this to my blog, as your girlfriend I am no longer returning, pack up my stuff if you want. I can't say when or if I'll be needing anything from the present day.

We have made a unique existence in an altogether alternate world. The past we are inhabiting has almost none of the restriction of your world, so returning for more than a few hours is unbearable. So long as a few basic rules are followed we can live here indefinitely.

Presently we are a motley collection of entertainers, craftsman/engineers and historians, such that we are perpetually occupied with creating a fantastical world set in the past, inhabited by intellectuals from the future...Utopia, I would say. So no I 'm not returning to your tiny controlling world of limitations. That would be a profound folly.

The major aspect of dwelling in the past has to do with removing anything that isn't of the period. The chances of something from the future contaminating the present day is strictly forbidden and will get you thrown out of the past. This cell phone is always on the Pullman car with the centrifuge and any other paraphernalia from the future. We have this menagerie of actors, musicians, and storytellers on a constant quest for the next amazing event in time to inhabit for a night, and then move on. It's all very well thought out, so long as we make a quick leap back to cover our tracks, nothing is altered, and off we go to the next magical soiree.

Today we moved the Pullman with our steam driven hauler out of the New York station to Buffalo where we are planning a great fish fry with the local beer and music on the grand pipe organ recently installed in the new theater. Then we're off to Niagara for a midnight bash at the falls. So you see we are only limited by the ability to transfer the centrifuge and that requires rails. So that is where you come in. The party here has grown to 36 and we require a much greater centrifuge, one we can situate on a lighter than air ship we plan to build. This will enable us to navigate almost endlessly in almost any direction.

I know you are asking, “what's in this for me?” Well we voted and it was decided to allow you to venture along on the maiden voyage, but you must agree to not cause any conflict. The popping down to previous time frames needs to be a stress-free experience, that is the overriding rule. You must agree to not be obstructionist in any way if you want to be allowed into the Pullman and the previous regions of time. I am sure you will agree, and given a little time to reorient your feelings, I feel I can manage it with you as well.

Anthony, I have had several months to consider our relationship, while I left a few days ago, you may take more time, it is for the best. I'm not going into relationships for a while so do not think I am replacing you. This is such a journey, as has never been tried before and relationships aren't all they used to be anyway.

Well Anthony, I do hope you are able to agree to our conditions, because there is one rule we have that isn't as harmless as the rest. The protection of obstructionists dwelling in the future is not our concern. 

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