Tuesday, March 25, 2014

the bashful breast

She sat in the window seat watching the luggage handlers prepare the storage compartments for take-off. The other seats were empty and I saw her big smile light up as I passed, headed for row 22 A , which was just beside her as I discovered, sliding into the middle chair so as to benefit my ability to check out her charming profile from across the aisle.

Her brown hair was tied in a ponytail and her slim fitting jeans revealed a trim figure in a knit shirt that showed a gently curving figure and fine featured face of a Caucasian in her mid twenties. Once more she glanced my way and smiled wide with a genuine sincerity that begged a reply. I touched my tweed hat with my finger and replied with a slight nod as would be expected of an English gentleman from the country.

Going to the states?” she quipped in a slightly Southern accent. Right away I noticed the small flight bag at her feet and concluded she had some affiliation with the airlines.

I am, business with a little pleasure mixed in.” I indicated the valise I had begun to open and just then a brochure flitted out from within. It landed on her flight bag and as she quickly bent to retrieve it, hesitating a moment to study the copy on the page, her top gaped open revealing a soft perfectly shaped breast and mellow pink nipple smiled back at me. I was so surprised and delighted at this event that as she straightened up she actually caught me looking and noted my delight, I was sure. A blush came over her and I instantly apologized for the inconvenience and she continued to smile handing the pamphlet back. The gesture was that of a very sprite young lady with good agility and I noted her long slender fingers were finely shaped and modestly manicured.

Oh sorry!” I stammered embarrassed at being caught, but she just smiled all the broader and seemed to linger in the moment of our hands on the paper. I now blushed and felt a chill of excitement course through me that tweaked down into my groin like I was a callow sixth grader again.

That's my Country Club.” She commented and leaned forward onto the armrest to tap her finger on the page. Once again I saw her bashful breast and this time it was long and full with obvious intentions. Now she had me and I was speechless at her generosity. Since my wife had passed last year I had been without the generosity of any woman and as I was nearly sixty then, felt most elated at her seeming interest in a gent such as I.

You really will enjoy the links there, if you play?” she asked with a coy emphasis on the 'play' aspect of her comment. “There is a steep fee for visitors, but I could let you through as a guest...if you like?”

I do like, very much” I returned, a little flirtatiously.
Well you will have to give me your hotel information and I will see if I can fit you in...” She answered back and knowingly straightened back up, a big smile showed on her face and she continued, “here we go!” as the plane engines responded to the pilot and the vibrations shivered through my shoes into my legs and produced a curious tingling sensation as the machine eased forward and we snapped our belts. My groin ached in delight as a protrusion there slowly diminished but not without her gentle glance and slight wink.

Once in the air she shared that she was employed with the airline as I had suspected and was returning from a side trip to England. This was a lightly filled plane and back where we sat there were no others to interfere and right away she invited me to share the seat beside her. We had a drink and tasted each others wine, her Chablis was much nicer than the white I had and that got us chatting about each other. Eventually she revealed that she had been in the UK to break her engagement to her long time boyfriend since her stewardess roommate had noticed him out on the town with several women. Her trip was unannounced and had caught him right in the sack with the “some little perv” so that was all she needed to toss his ring in his face and take to the country to sulk and find the strength to go on and not look back.

You are very independent for your age, I would not have expected such forthrightness from my generation.” I complimented, “my late wife would have grieved for years I expect.”
Oh, so you are widowed, I wondered about the ring...” She glanced at my hand and smiled her electric grin. “I just supposed you were extra frisky.” Then she looked out into the evening sky and her hand gently dropped onto mine. We sat that way a long while, quietly enjoying the fascinating possibilities that simmered in our minds.

Later as the darkness in-shadowed the back rows of the plane our touch became more curious with those unfamiliar areas of intimate touching and soft lips for quiet acquaintances. Her brown eyes were sleepy and the mood left us nodding and holding together as heads rested on shoulders and her soft palm held my arm as my hand gently cupped her bashful breast.

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