Wednesday, June 11, 2014

You of Golden Minds

Hasten down, all you of golden minds
Young or worldly, true and comely chaste
Brightly rise, swiftly step and hasten hence.

Prick up your spirits, leave your dullness behind
Out of the brightly lit, merry fete of Spring,
Cast off all that hinders your supplicant will.

Twirl and lively dance to sing and shout,
Mid wine inspired jubilation of festival.
Chirp the bird, cry the wolf and hoo the owl.

For upon the humbled visage of my soul,
Do invite all who wish to see and speak the voice,
For she is here, to hold our hearts and cheer thy soul.

Greet Summer's dawn and Winter's gone,
A hearty price was paid, anon call in the glade,
Now roar and sleep no more, till Winter's door,
We curse once more.

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