Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Model (light erotica)

The Model

A hitchhiker stood slouching in the chilly mountain sun...his red bandanna kept the long hair from his eyes.
Distant sounds approached.......a dark green Land Rover appeared. It slowed, and stopped.
Beside the road, he waited as the passenger door slowly opened.
Knowing nothing about each other they stared at one another....a notion passed between them, he got in.
She looked over her dark glasses at him....the pause in time was broken by a slight smile which he sported with fine looking women. He took a sip of wine and offered her a taste.
Her frock was thin, a sun dress, odd attire for winter, but what was beneath was exquisite.
"I like the way the light plays with your crotch, the razor seems to be your friend?" He murmured.
"Mmmm" her pale pink lips did not part, she pulled ahead onto the road.
Walking across New Zealand he carried only a pack, and a bottle of cheap port, his mission was simple. When ever the the boundaries of the planet are erased, the image of intent is shared in many ways....as the veils of mystery descend, the valleys and mountains become all but touchable, unless we find ourselves vicariously in our own grip of touching friendship.
"I can take you down the hill..." she offered looking with the mirror, "after that, who knows?"
"That offers a glimpse of possibility." he returned, noting the outline of a firm breast glowing beneath the thin cloth, and lit by the morning sun..."it's fine."
"Sort of hehe. You like the play of light?" she flirted, sneaking a glimpse of his whiskered chin, and drinking in a little of his arm muscles as he rolled a sleeve back up, downing another swig.
"I like the play of touch, and how the one hand will caress the invisible," he returned in a slow hesitating voice, calm and melodic with assurance.
"You some sort of poet?" she quizzed, lifting her arm slightly, allowing his view a bit of side breast.
"Actually I am, among other things..." he returned and noticeable studied the pale flesh that revealed no under things..." and you are?"
"A life model, on my way to art class, so I dress light, does my attire suite you?"
"It does, very much....." his warm hand was into her back now and while he studied her flexing lips, she managed the road and still held eye contact with him in the mirror, their gaze hypnotic.
Softly he knew the length of her nails by simple impression her loose hand made on his fore arm, as he located the details of her spine his fingers hot with desire.
A small nipple peeked at his gaze knowing him through the gauzy shift, chilly with excitement, and the feel of anothers purview, it tingled at the knowledge of being touched by sight......as did the man who has been seen for the first time, his member being gathered from it's hiding place by a free hand, exalted at the very touch of a new friend.
"I crossed ten thousand miles searching for one good smile" The poet sighed.
"Mmmm. This feels like poetry to me...." Her eye lapsed from the road to observe an alert reaction. "A +, from this teacher. Ummmm." And rewarded herself with a ten thousand mile sigh..."beautiful!"
In one emotion she said a mouthful, and his sigh could be heard from a thousand miles away
One slight finger could know more in a moment than an entire book could relay in 500 pages...the slightest touch sent sensations down to her toes as he tweaked a nipple and found a slight fold that brought her backside off the seat for a minute as her hand dove into his privates for introduction.
"Hello, stranger...wanna give it a go?" his hand slid along her tingling thigh to mingle along the warm folds that wakened quickly with his curious touch.
"Oh you are good" she purred and clasped the tightly pulsing extension of his yearning groin.
Warm sun light shown brightly, all the reasons two people need to feel their long distance touch, it cast a shadow in all the right places...where only touch was required. Still gazing with each other through the rear view mirror, the breasts show nipples proud, the sun shown directly through fine fabric as one grateful breast winked to the other...you're next sister....
"I had hoped to meet the locals...." he sighed and lifted the hem to view a throbbing pink button, expecting his whetted finger tip but longing for a few miles more. Pressing long and drawing back sharply, the delay and then lifting held a controlled force inside his middle that shot forces into his senses like a delayed sensation of yearning and delight all brought to bear in tense powerful triumph.
"Um (blushing scarlet) I have...come to conclusion shall we say..." she gasped, one hand glued to the wheel, sighing back into the seat and noting a speed of great excess. Easing off the gas she strummed more quickly and just with a sideways glance got the results pulsing and flowing over Mr. Johnson's red swollen head and heard a long grateful gasp and a shudder in fingers that could be felt deep inside her. Tiny circles danced round her sweet pink delights, as the tip of his tongue found a salty reward from fine firm globes where sensations, bounded on soft touch, a twist, a hot breath and wet powerful sucking.
"This is where I pull in" she announced almost apologetically. She smiled as he gathered himself in buttons and wiping with his red bandanna, she slipped her shift back into place.
"Guess what?" he asked as casually as you please, "I got my Birthday wish"
"What's that, a ride from a stranger?" she smiled broadly and checked her hair in the mirror.
"No, I got to have a dress up birthday experience without going down under.... and some writing material. So when is yours?"
"Never mind mine, it is still your day!" She smiled back and as he closed the door she picked up enough frock to show him the pink icing on her cake. :-) 

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