Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Found at the Foundling Door


   On a day when there was no rain to dampen my thoughts,

   You were no more trouble than a pair of shiny dollars,

   Just waiting to be spent.


   We'd gather our smiles and slip around,

   Like a clutch of pups, undeterred by the troubles ahead.  

   You were young, needed everything, I had only ourselves.


   Together we were a great invention of laughter.

    But now, the tears are too great.

    For our love will not survive the stares of the angry eyes.


    My mistake should not impede your happiness.

   I will hate myself, knowing that you were once mine.

   But I couldn't hold you and my youth all together.


   So I part with you here, where the foundlings have new possibilities.

   I will go with the rain, to leave you in bright sun shining.

   You will have a new mother, and an actual father.


   Tomorrow clouds of tears may gather.

   Carry my love with you both and a kiss on each cheek.

   No great currency, just change for a couple of shiny dollars.


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