Thursday, October 11, 2012

An Open Letter to Jon Stewart


Is there a high school year book there from Paul Ryan's class?
If so, maybe you could look something up for me? I think he was listed in there as Lyin Ryan, see I had this dream the other night, and I am sure I recall that he has this huge phobia from all the way back in Junior High. All the kids began calling him Lyin Ryan, as he was always making up stuff about his dad being really tough, and how his sister knew all these cool tricks, and how he got this bum to show an old lady his willie for a smoke, stuff like that. Well he couldnt stand the heat, and if anybody would challenge him, he would break out in a sweat and pee his pants. Thats when the nick name came about, it sounded something like, Lyin Ryan, stop your cryin, we all know your pants need dryn. Well anyway, look it up, because it was just a dream you know, and I dont want to smear anyone unnecessarily.

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