Monday, December 17, 2012

Right Then;

Right then; he discovered himself shivering in a lifeless culvert, painful shards of juvenile laughter reverberated through his head.

Right then; a black beetle, basking in the morning Sun, relished a new scent and turned in pursuit of the curious redolence.

Right then; two grackles were startled by approaching voices and flew out of the tall grass with bits of cookie in their black beaks.

Right then; a father pulled in the driveway, tickets for the ball game lay on the dashboard. He was surprised that no one bounded out the open door to greet him.

Right then; two boys dropped their bikes and raced to catch a purple balloon, scooting across a vacant lot, they found a red slipper too.

Right then; the unattended puppy, still wearing a Happy Birthday note, was jubilantly scampering about the open gate..

Right then; a delivery truck backed over a lone slipper, and crumpled a new tricycle.

Right then; a bifocal-ed man sat and gloomily reread the ruling of the state parole board. He stared long at the unblinking light, and wondered what would be on for lunch.

Right then; the young mother, dreamily leaned across the sheets to kiss her new boyfriend, and wondered where the draft was coming from.

Right then; a shopkeeper returned from the dumpster, and called the police to report a discarded bloody bathrobe.

Right then; Dr. Witstruck considered a social workers request to expand her clients medication, he determined the need to be in excess of the HMO guidelines and wondered what would be on for lunch.

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