Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Sapphire Princess

When round in the Moonlit mist of May

Mid woods and in shadows long and gray

Shines a twilight mist all pale and plenty

As the Sapphire Princess slips down her Moon gantry

To dance with her court in a fairy's foray

And celebrate summer in advent sashay

Festooned in presque' flower and scented trimerous

Their fairy recital resounds with a chorus

Spry foot, hand in hand, the dancers all circle

They'll ply for her favor, bedeck her in tendril

She'll titter and wink, her suitors she'll nuzzle

Aroused by dandelion nectar, and truffles

Whence all in such fashion attentions go absent

Inconnu might steal up to glimpse on a moment

The petite exhibition, while cloaked in low branches

But, concealments no safety at May Fairy Dances

When daylight returns, the fomenter can't transient

With bark on his limbs, now a tree for a spirit

Bright days and long nights, he'll pay for his spying

The moment was stolen, come spring he is pining

For May's Moonlit dances and the Sapphire Princess

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