Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Time Punk" (part 4 cont. from "Nobody Home")

   Hellooo Anthony! I am just posting this to say, I won't be coming to work, EVER! Oh, and to tell you I won't be returning the Centrifuge either. We are fine and dandy right where we are. You see the land of the past is not so complicated, as we had imagined. Well digressions abound, one of the drawbacks of visiting previous times, past tense becomes so confusing. I can hear myself like a plaintive echo. Parenthetically, I bore myself constantly as a result. All seems so trite to one who has visited an anomaly such as times and places. As for the past, it works nicely once one comprehends the limits.

So, from now on I am in control. You shall receive communications on your cell or here on my blog. I am posting my observations and a few snaps like the selfie you see there already. I took the liberty of housing the Centrifuge in an old rail car, don't worry, I didn't mess things up this time. It was headed to the bottom of the bay and I just love the grand interior, (more pics of that later). The deal is we can go any where with tracks, and pop up or down from that platform...soo groovy.

Well these are my conditions, you will accept them as you have no choice. Ha ha, blimey, I love doing this to my old professor! 

First; you must stay out of the past for the present, break that rule and you, your family, whatever you hold dear will change in a heartbeat and there's nothing you or anyone can do about it. Every Time-jump goes through all the parallel layers like a flash bulb going off, so you can't be missed. 

Second; I will visit from time to time to see how the research is going. I think we want to attempt a wider swath of visible zone integrity. Oh yes, you probably had not theorized the limits of the spatial element. The Centrifuge is capable of reassembling only a limited parallel of visible space due to the size of electron charge. So that is what you will be working on now, I believe the answer lies in a larger ion redactor, but that's your department. 

Third; neither you nor any of the government meddlers are allowed in the RTC (reverse time-continuum) this is an absolute rule. There is no violence, death or illness here and I intend to keep it that way. It is a magical ride that gives me eternal bliss so do not mess this up!

So Anthony, I had to remove myself to a safe place. I expect you are wondering, “what was that all about?” The phone calls, the drama, so dorky. Well, my younger self, made too many mistakes. All the jumping I was doing ran the risk of too many of me popping up here there and everywhere, likely has to do with the infinite parallel mirror imaging of the photon laser. You get the snippet, I think it can result in dragging a parallel subject from one's recent past, so embarrassing. Oh don't worry I left him on a plush island that won't be discovered for two hundred years after he dies, I can be so stupid in some of my earlier self’s! God I hate previous duplicity, such a whiner, my later self is much more refined, you engender that I am sure?

Pshaw, now I am much improved on reassembling previous events. Care to discover who committed an unsolved crime? More on that.......Oh, Gawd! I am as bored as a drooling glitch zone. They do happen you know, dreariness can be oddly appealing, compared to the uninhabitable past. 

Hey! Did I tell you that everyone from the past is like a slo-mo shadow, you can only see through blue lenses? Pretty gnarly daddy-o! I believe their forms leave an electron path that exists after they move on, crazy wild, Anthony, hey, behave and I might just pop you down for a visit, since BTW, I just last night, popped your girlfriend down, she really digs time punking, and I really dig her!. Tah tah!

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