Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Butterfly Woman

Days passed on the wide prairie, the Sun pounded the tall grasses while overhead a lone cloud barely shaded a distant clutch of cottonwoods, presently the woman emerged from among the trees. She walked defiantly up the long incline, a wooden bucket handle in either hand. Water tossed by her steady movements, soaking either side of her long skirt, but gradually she made her way up the slope toward the solitary wagon. The resounding wind tugged at the canvas coverings and starlings cavorted in the tall switches of grass, bounding from one stiff blade to another, plucking the unsuspecting grass hoppers as they inched their way up the long green stems.
Reaching the wagon the woman rested against the wheel carefully avoiding the mass of brown grease at the wheels center. Her small foot raised to step up on the hub and just as directly her other foot held the hem and once up the height of such a high step her wet skirt stayed revealing her slender waist and hips to the young man beneath the wagon.
“Mercy” she exclaimed in alarm, and just that moment he looked to see those fine legs as the heavy wet skirt slide down to her ankles.
It's good... good! some help?” he asked, perceiving her discomfort.
“No , no, I don't!” she replied, stepping back down and reaching for the missing waistband. Immediately her feet tangled in the heavy cloth and she lost her balance, falling back into the tall grass.
“Josh help, help good.” the brave stated resolutely, rising and gripping her hand. He quickly lifted her to her feet. His strength was surprising to her and she landed in his arms, flustered and pleasuring at the chest muscles in her hands.
“Really, it's fine, I am good, you are good, um very fine. Yes, you are fine now?” She asked her patient. “You are much better today?” This seemed all to obvious and the morning sun blinded her eyes while she turned to cover her lower portions and pantaloons.
Injun Josh watched in confusion as she struggled to get her feet stead properly to lift and cover her embarrassment. She stepped back and turned modestly to fetch the waist hooks back into place only to find them ripped completely out and nothing to complete the clasp.
He stood confused and wondered at the discomfort of all this clothing, now he finally knew that white women had legs just like his kind. All this confused him, since his fever came upon him he had suffered in the hot days and nights in barely a loin cloth, and she suffered in these long hot hip blankets and blouses over corsets.
“Leave!” he said, pointing to the wrap. “So hot! You not need this.” a long pause passed between them as she gathered he might be right. He looked in her face and she knew he was right. Silently she went to the water bucket and washed her sweaty face, a slight discomfort passed as Injun Josh went about his business putting on his leggings, drinking from the cool water and stretching up tall to finally feel rested and alive after the fever, now searching the skyline for any cause of concern. When he turned back he caught Mrs Gillette staring at his bare back and she quickly looked to her grooming with a little blush.
“They come back now?” Josh asked in his awkward English. “It is time they be come here back?” But there was a long pause from her and he knew she was distressed at this question.
“No, Josh, not for some time now. Say, 'they will be back in three days'...” He repeated this and saw her distress. “Food is slight. I am much more hungry and you must be too.” She studied the direction of the wagon wheels and saw nothing that gave her comfort there. Immediately Josh took up his knife and turned to go.
“I am not asking you to leave, not go.” The small woman asked and went to Josh, her wet face hid a tear of her fearful state. She'd had some doubt as to what should be done for the young man, as it seemed his illness may have come on with some reason to believe he could have contracted it from her young girl at their first meeting. Scarlet fever was serious for most and worse for the natives. But once the men had left for supplies, she knew she had to remain at the wagon to try to keep the young Indian from passing on with fever. Now he was leaving her all alone in this huge flat grass land with no food or protection.
“You stay, I go...” He motioned with his hand toward his mouth, “get food” he finished. And turned to go, as a hand landed on his shoulder. He turned back to find Mrs Gillette fall into his arms, weeping and holding his arms in her cools wet hands.
“Oh, thank God!” she weep-ed at his ear and he could only hold her and patted her distressed head. There was weakness in her body and Josh knew she was suffering, weak probably from lack of food. Slowly he set her in the matted grass and she gripped his hand hesitantly. “You will return?” she asked passionately, a crack in her voice. “I shall simply die, if you fail to return to me.” In the long spells of his fever while he deliriously shivered and cried out, she bathed his dark shape in cool water and studied his good form. She had lain next to him as he shivered, his chill shook them both to the bone. Certain he was marked for death, her reservations had flown and with no medicine or anyone to see she had become enchanted with his handsome features. Now she was torn from fear of his loss and ashamed at having grown so close to the young man. 

Josh could not possibly understand what this woman was feeling, his confusion was growing with his own fascination for her cheerful voice and the box with strings she played so magically from her shoulder. He had been smitten by her early on but thought it better to make that silent in his heart.
Now he stood and lightly held her hand with both of his looking like rough dark paws. Quickly she wrapped her arms about his waist and hugged him from where she knelt, in a moment Josh took her arms from his hips and looked down into her light blue eyes, the tears shown wet in her gaze as he touched her pale cheek. She held his hand tight against her cheek, and felt his pulse pounding under his flesh. He was beginning to stroke her long curly hair as slowly a noticeable growth was swelling in his britches. She smiled and blushed with her impassioned thoughts. Tugging on his arm she pulled him onto the grassy thatch and they held tight to one another rolling into a full embrace in the throws of sighs and soft eyes holding a close gaze their minds became fixated in longing bliss.
A warm gust licked at the wet skin of their bare arms and picked and twisted at their clothes now slowly loosening and tiny buttons in fumbling fingers. His young desire was callow in her hands, gently she stroked his warm face, a butterfly landed on her bare shoulder opening and closing it's bright wings, it seemed to be curious and approving.
“You... this is your new name, what's called?”
“Butterfly?” She asked softly putting her finger near the visitor. It opened it's wings to draw in the sunshine and gently lifted to drift about their bright smiles.
“Butterfly Woman” Josh said clearly, and put a light kiss on the spot.
“Think you” She responded in her clean musical French accent, “Bootefly Wemin” her voice soft and lingering. She held his face close and gave him the longest kiss she had ever known. His hands were under her blouse holding her against his bare chest and she pulled back with a gasp. His face was full of curiosity and she knew that this was what she wanted so very badly and nothing would ever compare with what she had known with her husband. Here was a power of true passion and it gave her heart more fire than she had ever imagined possible. Slowly she slid off her shirt and unhooked the front of her bodice. The pale soft flesh of her ginger chest showed fine round breasts with small pink nipples. Josh was surprised to not see the dark brown orioles of his women, the firmness gave an inspired rise in him and tenderly his hands closed on both to find perfection in such as this touch. Her mind was spinning with anticipation as her hand caressed his back while pushing his long black hair off his face.
“The butterfly opens to the sun, I am a son...” He lowered his hand to touch her rump and indeed she opened to the son.
“Give me all your manly organ...I know it is ready for me.” As her hands explored his britches and she was not incorrect. She discovered the thing of her expectant joy and removed it for him with her gentle hands. Deliberately she made firm her grip and instantly Josh shirked with excitement and exploded into her hands. Momentarily she waited to see if what she thought, had just happened, and then she began to softly laugh to herself. He was so new to this, probably a virgin, she thought. But he looked pleased and soon he had risen back to his feet.

“Make soon food, wait you.” Josh said with a big smile and turned to go search for a good willow limb to make a rabbit snare. As he walked off disappearing into the tall grass she laughed aloud and dreamed of what she would do differently come dark.

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