Saturday, February 28, 2015

Melodious Mew

I once knew a cat named Melodious Mew
Her coat she would clean till it shined just like new
Her day was spent sleeping, as much as she could
Yet, nothing would pass her constant review
Especially the dogs in the old neighborhood

Her nemesis the bloodhound was old and sprue
Famous was he for his wandering through,
Her Garden, where he'd deliver his calling card
And so she had named him, Copious Poo
And scorned such deposits in her pristine yard

Sweet little dignified Melodious Mew 
Would wait all day long for Copious Poo
To amble along all rumpled and droopy
A sniffing and drooling contented old fool
Her stealthy position, up high in the fruit tree

Then just as her target began his foul deed
She would drop on his back from where she was treed
And deliver a fright to Copious Poo
He'd dash from her garden with all of God's speed
And return to her nap, would Melodious Mew

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