Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Creaky Vocal Fry

You may never do landmark inventing,
and who knew that?
But your peeps will notice your meaning,
in no time flat.
You'll always give out the impression,
you're one cool cat.
But they'll all want to just stop and listen,
when you speak that....

Qualityyy Fryyy,
you've got that creaky little,
Qualityyy Fryyy!

There's nothing better for your cool demeanor.
The fashionistas will agree that you-er,
A dynamo with vocal registry-verb.
We're talking

Qualityyy Fryyy,
that creaky tweaky little,
Qualityyy Fryyy!

Around the coffee shop or clubs you dance in,
they'll look around to see if you're Kardashian
But all will simply find that you're in fashion,

Qualityyy Fryyy
Flamboyanttt, annoyanttt, so poignanttt.
Every woman and guy, you'll tournmenttt.
Amazed and dazed with your,

 Qualityyyy Creakyyy Vocal Fryyyyy!!

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