Sunday, May 24, 2015

So Sorry

The last time you held my magical thoughts...
In no mood for what you wanted me to hear.
You made one of those insipid
all encompassing statements you're famous for
With out a second thought, I said so

I am sorry for that

Now as I fidget with the medal, of your pride
A stain of angst sours in my gut, draining me,
pulling my energy from inside out.
There had to be a bit of envy, but now,
It's bronze dull, ribbon faded, meaning lost,

I am so sorry for that

With no more concern than a puppy,
you stood and performed, despite the concerns,
the rumors, the accusations.
We did not, kept our cool, dropped out.
You stood, a prideful grin, ignoring it all.

I am so sorry for that

Dust layers the memories of those times.
Most of the critical elements, forlorn
and with no more grudge than that young puppy
I extend my hand, to lay a dull medal
Where all can see that you stood strong

And I am so sorry

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